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Ready to learn more about this unique and energizing mushroom? Read on…

Gradually cooling temperatures, technicolor foliage… wavering immunity and sniffling noses… it’s official: autumn has arrived. I love observing the change of seasons, especially the transition from summer’s sweltering days to the incredible relief that comes with chilly autumn nights and cool, sun-soaked afternoons, but it’s also at this time that summer’s misdeeds come back to haunt me. All those heat and humidity-fueled late nights. Pair those misdeeds with an often dramatic shift in the weather and it’s not a question of if I’ll get sick, but when. Summer might offer a tempting invitation to relax the rules a little and go with the flow, but fall is when I double-down on my commitment to bettering my health and building up immunity for the cold months that lie ahead — raiding the vitamin aisle of the health food store, stocking up on the season’s most healing foods, and starting each morning with a tonic infused with immunity boosters like coconut oil, maca and cordyceps.

Wait… what was that last one?


Cordyceps. I was introduced to this body and mind-boosting adaptogen through none other than Sun Potion, the same folks behind FP faves Ashitaba and Ashwaganda (and others). A powder derived from a species of mushroom of the same name, cordyceps is the immune-booster, brain-builder, overall body-fortifier that our fall wellness routines have been missing. Ready to learn more about this unique and energizing mushroom? Read on…

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What is it? A genus of fungi comprised of over 400 species, cordyceps is an interesting little fungus. While it’s parasitic to ants and other arthropods, resulting in invasion and replacement of host tissue (and sometimes even influencing the behavior of their host), the same does not go for human usage, where the club head mushroom (‘cordyceps’ is derived from the Greek word for club – kordyle – and the Latin stem of -ceps, meaning ‘head’) has been found to be highly beneficial. Used for centuries in herbal medicine, cordyceps and other mushroom species (see also reishi and chaga — we’ll talk about those soon) are finally gaining the recognition they deserve in the modern health and wellness community for their ability to boost everything from energy levels to sexual health to increasing immunity.

What are the benefits? With the days getting noticeably shorter and energy levels dropping off, now is the perfect time to try cordyceps for an overall boost. Long used by athletes for a burst of energy, cordyceps increases the body’s ability to take in oxygen and enhance cellular production, increasing energy, respiratory function and sexual health by the same measure. The immunoprotective effects present in cordyceps stimulate the body’s immune system, specifically a type of white blood cell known as an NK (Natural Killer) cell (I know… yes, this is a real thing) which play a major role in the rejection of viruses and infections.


How do I use it? Cordyceps can be found as a powder or in pill form. Our favorite? Sun Potion’s easy-to-use powder, which seamlessly dissolves into smoothies, tonics, teas and coffee. Keep it simple and mix it with water… or, try the morning tonic below.

Cordyceps Morning Tonic


8 oz coffee or black tea

1/2 tsp Sun Potion Cordyceps

1 tsp cacao powder

1/4 tsp maca powder

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp coconut oil or grass-fed butter

Sprinkle of cinnamon

Optional: Raw honey, to taste


Combine all ingredients except cinnamon in a blender and blend on high for 30 seconds (be sure to hold the lid on TIGHT). Pour into your favorite mug and top with cinnamon. Sip & enjoy.

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Have you used cordyceps? Any good recipes to pass along?

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Ms. Ainee C. Beland
4 years ago

I am taking the time to say thank you. I subscribed and withdrew and visit infrequently like today. One of those not able to motivate self or others; mainly self.

2 years ago

When I 1st started Sun Potion’s Cordyceps, as a chronic Type 2 diabetic I was amazed and grateful when my blood sugar levels dropped dramatically; I was able to maintain normal blood sugar levels ranging between 90 to 114 mg/dL in the fasting test for approximately 2 weeks. So I reduced my regular medicines. I just took a teaspoon of the cordyceps powder with 1/2 cup hot water at night. Taking it at night caused insomnia. I switched to daytime. However, after those first 2 weeks, sugars have risen. I’d love to receive guidance on what to do to restore normal blood sugar levels.