Let’s Move x Girl’s Inc.: Kelsey J. Patel

When women come together and connect to their deepest desires, and then share them collectively through movement, meditation, reiki, partnership and journaling exercises, it’s an insanely powerful experience.

Meet Kelsey J. Patel — a yoga master and meditation + reiki healer on a mission to inspire our community and provide them with tools to connect with their best self. She’ll be with us at The Jeremy Hotel on May 12th, guiding us through a full yoga session followed by reiki healing. Here, she shares a glimpse into her life and healing practices.    

100% of the proceeds of this event go to benefit Girls Inc., whose mission is to empower young women to be strong, smart and bold. RSVP here to join us!

Can you explain the philosophy behind alternative healing?

For me, it’s not really an alternative or healing philosophy. It’s about utilizing different modalities to become more and more present within yourself. So often, many of us aren’t really aware of how we are truly feeling, or have not quite seen that what we’ve been choosing to believe about ourselves may be far different than what is actually true. The magik of energy work and the connections made through these different healing energies can help us elevate our vibe and bring a really powerful synergy of mind, body and spirit.

Your journey brought you to wellness through the struggle of being a workaholic. Tell us about that.

I really equated my value with my doing in life. It didn’t necessarily mean I was in my most passionate career or that I was feeling fulfilled, it just meant that my mind would always tell me that doing more meant being a better version of myself. It caused me a lot of pain, tons of anxiety, intense stress and all of this manifested into major back pain and debilitating anxiety. I knew something needed to shift, but I felt very far away from being able to do it myself. I started with yoga classes, over time tried tons of different energy healers, acupuncturists, massage therapists and when I finally tried reiki for the first time and EFT (emotional freedom technique), something shifted. It took several sessions and learning reiki to really feel myself start to shift and, as any teacher knows, I’m still learning and in many ways still a student to this work and always open to keep changing.

What does your typical day look like?

The moment I wake up, I sit up in bed (or stay laying down if I’m tired!) and meditate and do reiki on myself. I also connect to how I’m feeling that day and what I have scheduled so I can send energy and intentions to the day. From there, I do my morning routine, which includes brushing, washing, tongue scraping, lots of magik on my skin and then some light stretching to open up my body for the day. I’ll then come out to the kitchen for some Rising Spring water with lemon, take my vitamins and make coffee and breakfast. Sometimes, I’ll get a workout in the morning or save it for the afternoon. Then, I’ll usually meet with my assistant and go through the schedule and review Magik Vibes (my spiritual product line) and go teach somewhere or attend an event with fellow influencers in the city. I love being at home with my husband and kids during the week nights so I try to get as much done as possible in the day so we can relax and be together at night.

How do you stay inspired?

I love reading, teaching and speaking, traveling, watching documentaries, having incredible and deep life conversations with my family and friends, dancing and absolutely full and new moon rituals!

100% of the proceeds from Moving Together will go to benefit Girls Inc., whose mission is to empower young women to be strong, smart and bold. How does your philosophy or practice speak to that message? 

I love empowering women and teen girls. It is a part of my purpose and dharma. When women come together and get connected to their deepest desires and then share them collectively through movement, meditation, reiki, partnership and journaling exercises, it’s an insanely powerful experience. We all need to feel seen, heard and supported and that is how I approach the art of my work and my practices.

Can you share a sample of your healing practice with us for our readers who can’t make it to Moving Together?

Sure! We usually begin with a few minutes of opening breath work and light meditation. We’ll then either go into a movement practice or a workshop experience with mindfulness exercises, partnership activity and then I always end with a deep guided meditation with reiki to infuse what we’ve built on and allow people to meet a new part or side of themselves to take home with them. And, I always love to bring crystals and a takeaway card I created called the ‘Magik Vibes Soul Prescription Card’ so they can write notes and mantras to themselves to take home.

Try sitting down in a quiet, comfortable position. Take 3-4 deep open mouth inhales and exhales. Then continue with some long breaths with your lips lightly closed. From here, begin to visualize your whole body in a deep meditation. Allow a healing light to enter through the crown of your head and slowly, let it go down through each, cell, muscle, thought, vibration and part of your mind, body and soul. Let it feel healing, expanding and creative in its form. You can even start the meditation by setting an alarm for about 10 minutes, so once you have scanned the body and shared this light, you can simply enjoy the sensation of this healing light.

What does “free” mean to you?

Free to me means unlimited, open, loving and creative.


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I love Kelsey’s definition of free! What a great mindset to have!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Great post! x