Post image for American Woman: A Mood Board For Our Latest Trend

I always love the trends that our merchandisers come up with, but every once in a while a trend comes along that hits a special note with me and this week’s “American Woman” is one of them. First of all, there is a definite 70s vibe that instantly appeals to me, and when combined with retro sporty graphics and Americana elements, this is a look I wholeheartedly support. It brings to mind Venice Beach and that cool laid-back LA attitude, the Z-Boys and surf culture. Read more »

Shelley -Apr 04, 2013, 12:21AM
Very cool! I am not actually an "American" girl. I am however a "North American" girl. The Guess Who, by the way, were Canadian!
Lauren -Apr 03, 2013, 7:43PM
LOVE THIS!! I'm from SD, California and this trend definitely appeals to me. I would say my style has elements of this trend for sure. The mood board is awesome...I LOVEEEE the Z-Boys <3.

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Post image for Get Brigitte Bardot’s Iconic Style

Brigitte Bardot is one of my favorite 60’s style icons of all time. When her name springs up a blonde bombshell comes to mind with an incredible and unique style. To me she has defined beach chic apparel and brings glamorous beach-side style to the forefront of many people’s thoughts. Read more »

Shelley -Apr 04, 2013, 12:15AM
Amazing style! I especially love the flowy white tops and that boho vibe!
Lucy -Apr 03, 2013, 5:08PM
Brigitte! She is the ultimate style icon. Je t'aime!

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Post image for Healthy Vegan Ice Cream Recipe!

When springtime hits, all of a sudden ice cream seems to be at the forefront of many people’s minds. It’s delicious and refreshing, and it lets us know that summer is on its way. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself to some ice cream every so often, but today I have an “ice cream” recipe that’s actually good for you. Read more »

Ty -Jan 08, 2014, 8:26AM
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Wilson -Jul 30, 2013, 8:13AM
Look like a very tasty ice cream, I love very much chocolate it is my favorite one.

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Post image for UPDATE: Our Egg Crate Garden Is Growing!

As promised, I wanted to update you guys on the egg crate garden that I planted in the beginning of March! This has been such a fun project to watch throughout the month and I’m happy to say my plants are growing :). Read more »

jenny -Apr 04, 2013, 6:42AM
so so cute!!!
Jamie -Apr 03, 2013, 12:41AM
i didn't use the egg shells, but i did use an egg carton to start my vegetables. they are doing great as well!

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Post image for Creating A Desirable Shower Space

Have you ever taken a shower in a beautiful hotel or resort and felt more refreshed and relaxed than you ever thought possible? I remember feeling that way after staying in Costa Rica last year. Although the shower was indoors, I felt like I had just showered in nature, and it was a beautiful thing. Nature has the ability to bring us back to our roots, making us feel calmer, more relaxed, and grounded. Read more »

Alan Day -Jul 17, 2015, 2:52AM
I replaced all my product bottles with dispensers in my bathroom.It really makes a huge difference. You can select dispensers according to the colour and theme of your bathroom since there is a wide range of designs available. It’s way better than multi colored product bottles and it really helps you to save storage space.
christine snow -Jun 12, 2015, 3:14AM
I have my kitty litter box in the shower stall with a few sprigs of eucalyptus which completely- and I mean Completely- removes any odor.

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Post image for What’s The Best Show You’ve Ever Been To?

Music… I don’t know where I’d be without it. It helps me concentrate when I write, it helps me sleep at night, and it lifts my spirits when I’m down. To me, there’s not much better than live music. I feel most alive when I’m lost in a crowd of people, when the air is buzzing with sound waves and the only reality is just that moment. Read more »

Minj -Jul 05, 2013, 6:33AM
Foo Fighters at the Agora Theatre in Cleveland, May '96. Dave Grohl needing to shed that "Drummer from Nirvana" stigma, proved his F'n point.
Tatum -Jun 18, 2013, 12:41AM
Definitely Radiohead in St. Louis last year. No concert can even compare. Breath taking

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Post image for La Dolce Vita, The Sweet Life

The saying “La Dolce Vita” always makes my heart feel a little lighter… it just rolls off the tongue sweetly, like it should. An Italian saying meaning “the sweet life,” a notion to live life to its fullest. Our April catalog evokes this spirit. Carefree and happy, the pages glow with the ability to captivate. Confidence shines throughout, portraying the sweet life. Read more »

Erica -Apr 08, 2013, 11:56AM
This is one of my favorite FP catalogues to date! Brigitte Bardot is the most lovely muse for this time of year. I loved her paired with the boats and beachy setting. I want to purchase every single item for my own upcoming beach vaca in Texas!
Sarah -Apr 03, 2013, 4:12PM
@Monique Thanks so much!

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Post image for April Seasonal Shopping List

Say goodbye to all of those hearty winter veggies. Spring is finally here! It’s time to enjoy this season and all of the wonderful fruits and vegetables it brings. Use dandelion greens in your salads. Make a sweet rhubarb treat. Maybe even try something you haven’t seen before! Read more »

Rachel -Apr 15, 2013, 10:27PM
Any suggestions of types of places to look for dandelion greens? I would love to use some but I have no clue where to find them!
Jamie -Apr 03, 2013, 1:07AM
this is my favorite bldg25 feature. :)

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Post image for Introducing The FP Me Style Pic Gallery

As many of you know, you now have the opportunity to upload photos of yourself wearing your favorite Free People clothes through an awesome style community called FP Me. Today we wanted to let you know that you can now see how others style their favorite Free People items by checking out the FP Me style pic galleryRead more »

Lydia -Apr 03, 2013, 3:30PM
ahhh! So it's kinda like free people pinterest? So cool!
Alexa Sonken -Apr 02, 2013, 5:06PM
Such fun looks! Love the shoes in the first pic. *

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Post image for This Just In: Fur Chalk For Pups!

It’s no secret that we love hair chalk, especially when the warmer months and music festivals roll around. But don’t you sometimes wish your furry friend could match your colorful hair as well? Well, it’s your lucky day! We are so excited to introduce Free People Fur Chalk for Pups! It works just like our hair chalk, and is completely safe for use on your canine companion. Read more »

Meghan -Apr 03, 2013, 10:14AM
Haha! Got to love a trendy dog. :)
Blakelee -Apr 02, 2013, 4:05PM
ok this made me lol a lot

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Post image for Travel Lust: Trancoso, Brazil

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream about Brazil. The exotic senses spun around in my mind for hours and hours. The next day I found this… The Blue Atelier in Trancoso: a quiet, pristine fishing village on an unspoilt stretch of Brazil’s Discovery Coast, a place that seems as if it has resisted the passing of time by staying true to itself. Read more »

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Qalisha -Apr 02, 2013, 11:08PM
I think one day I'll come here.

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Post image for Homemade Natural Bronzer Recipe

When spring hits, I always feel the need to add a little sun-kissed color to my face. I’m naturally pale and don’t have the ability to tan in the slightest, but I think that any shade of skin can get a refreshing pick-me-up from a nice bronzing powder! Read more »

Con -Jun 13, 2015, 12:18PM
Love it! Iv got kinda sunkissed honey colored skin so when I put foundation on , I look like a ghost! So when I put this on, It gives my cheeks a lovely glow, I sweep a brush covered in this powder across my cheeks, nose , forehead and hairline, love it! Dont even need blusher! If you really need stuff for contour, just use this! I think you need to really blend this powder tilli ts fine and thin cos otherwise you will get lumpy brown clumps on your skin! You might wanna try putting a couple a teaspoons of essential oil such as lavender oil in this to make it in to a kinda smooth contour thing, be sure to blend it in a electric machine otherwise it will NOT work! xoxo
Bree -Mar 18, 2015, 8:26PM
Finally got brave and tried this. I am amazed at how nice the ingredients blended together. My first try it was too light and I found out that this recipe could also be used as a natural face powder as well. Added more cocoa powder and it was the perfect shade I needed (about 2 1/2 tsp total cocoa powder did the trick). Thanks for posting this! I am very excited to start using it on a daily basis as I've tried almost everything for my sensitive skin.

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