Open Your Heart – The Element of Air with Nina Endrst

Slow down and allow healing to take place…

This post comes to you from yogi Nina Endrst, who will be leading our May ’17 FP Escapes retreat in Palm Springs.

In this series I encourage you to let the sweet air fill your lungs. If your mind starts to wander, kindly draw your attention back to your breath and down deep to your heart center. Invite a lightness into your practice, expanding as you inhale, softening as you exhale.

Start with a short meditation — place both hands on your heart. Stay present here. Slow down and allow healing to take place.

Camel pose (wave X3).

Come to stand on your shins with your legs hip width apart and your hips stacked over knees. Gently take your hands to your lower back for support as your elbows draw in toward your spine and encourage your thighs forward. Press into the tops of the feet and all ten toes as you lift up out of the front ribs and shine your heart to the sky. Gently open the throat and keep your cervical spine long. (Repeat 3-5 times.) Rest.

High Lunge (bring the love in).

Start standing at the front of your mat, step the left foot back and sweep your arms to the sky for a high lunge. Bend deeply into the right knee as you press back through the left heel, keeping the shoulders over your hips. Pause here, receive your breath. On your next inhale, sweep your arms out and bring the energy in. Connect with yourself as you touch your heart and nourish your spirit with each passing breath. (Jump switch repeat on L side.)


Starting in downward facing dog, lift the right leg to the sky, bend the knee and open the hip. Inhale, place your right knee outside the right pinky. All the way to the edge of the mat. Place the right shin down and parallel (for some) to top of mat. Extend the left leg long behind you. Inhale, lift your pelvic floor, draw your navel in and up. Inhale to create space in your lower belly here. As you exhale gently wave and release yourself down to the ground. Rest here 10-20 breaths, then switch sides.

+  Check out the first and second installment of Nina’s series here, and be sure to follow Nina on Instagram

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