How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

Winter is a time when many of us choose to bring our workouts indoors, retreating from the frosty, frigid air in favor of warmly lit, temperature controlled gyms and fitness studios. While I love a cold weather run from time to time, I am most certainly one of those people. If the promise of a treadmill and weight room wasn’t there, my motivation to work out during the winter would be buried with the first snowfall, and even then there are times when my drive to hit the gym flags. That’s when I know it’s time to shake things up with a studio class. Studio classes are a great way to motivate yourself during these dark and cold months of the year; sign up for one, and you’re bound to learn something new.

After our recent #FPLetsMove event with Lithe Method here in Philly, I caught up with Lithe instructor and Free People home office employee Meghan to get her perspective on how to best reap the rewards of an indoor workout. Check out her top five tips for maximizing your studio workout, below:

Lithe Tips

Wear proper attire: For a studio class such as Lithe, I recommend form-fitting clothing made of a material that has wicking properties. I arrive to class prepared to sweat, so it’s important to be comfortable. My go-to is cropped or long tight pants and a strappy, supportive sports bra peeking out from a tank made of high quality material. Plain cotton just doesn’t work for me since it shows sweat and stretches out with movement. I would wear the same thing to run, spin, and maybe throw on a light top layer to take a yoga class. I always pile on the layers before leaving class because I hate when my muscles get cold after a good workout.

Lithe Tips

Get the look:

Hooded Layering Tee

Delphine Bra

Kleen Kanteen Water Bottle

Elastic Printed Hair Ties

Russell Runner

Lithe Tips

Get the look:

Amanda Tank

Zip Bra

Rio Long Legging

Myna Headband

Tech Hybrid Trainer

FPMovement Lithe 31

Stretch: I always try to stretch before and after class. It’s important to stretch before to prepare your muscles for an hour long class and it’s just as important to stretch after in order to allow your muscles the opportunity to restore and prevent them from tightening up. I love stretching my hamstrings by standing with my feet wide and reaching my hands to the ground. You lengthen out your spine while getting a deep stretch through the entire back of your legs… it feels amazing.

Focus on YOU: There seems to be an innate fear of attending group studio classes, especially for first-timers. It’s important to remember that your wellness routine is about YOU, and you alone. No one cares if you miss a step… everyone starts somewhere.

Lithe Tips

Cleanse your skin: I don’t have much of a pre-workout skin care regimen, since I’m always running from work at FP straight to class. Since I usually still have my makeup on from the day, I make sure to give my skin extra attention after class. Post-class I wipe down my mat and any bands or props used with a natural tea tree oil provided by the studio (you could also make our homemade version), then I wash my hands. Once I’m home, I exfoliate my face — I like Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub because it’s gentle — and I use coconut oil to remove any leftover eye makeup. I tone with Nars Hydrating Freshening Lotion and moisturize with Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer, then I slather my body in coconut oil post-shower to moisturize.

Lithe Tips

Replenish your body: Since I often teach in the evenings, I like to eat a small snack about 2-3 hours before class — usually a green smoothie or homemade hummus and veggies. I also make sure to drink plenty of water all day long, during class, and even more water post-class. It’s important to eat a balanced meal 30-60 minutes post workout, or during your “after burn” period while your metabolism is still pumping. A common post-workout dinner for me is protein-rich fish, veggies or leafy greens, and a sweet potato.

FPMovement Lithe 27

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us Meghan!

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Thank you for this post. I’m dedicating February to wellness and it really is so hard when everywhere outside has mountains of snow (like, all the sidewalks) I definitely have fears about going to the gym alone – even on machines, and going out in the dark alone. I’ve been doing workout videos at home – but would definitely do classes!

Warm Regards,

I always workout inside during the winter – if I try to go outdoors to run my ears always burn no matter what I put on them. And then all I want to do is go back home and curl up in a blanket with hot chocolate :) I’m big on water though – working out in a studio means I’ll have water with me the entire time unlike when I run outdoors. Drinking more I feel like makes me sweat more – which helps me feel more cleansed. It may just be in my head – but it feels… Read more »

Thanks for an inspiring post! It’s been so hard for me lately to find the inspiration even for indoor activities! Once it’s at least 45 degrees outside I know my motivation will be back!