Ground Down to Rise Up — Earth Element with Nina Endrst

The journey toward self love starts with a few steps…

This post comes to you from yogi Nina Endrst, who will be leading our May ’17 FP Escapes retreat in Palm Springs.

I’ve been working a lot with the idea that self love is not selfish. It’s so important to take the time to be still and listen. To treat our mind, body and spirit with love and deep respect.

Oftentimes, I find peace comes when I invite the elements into my practice. I hope these three postures will help ground and stabilize you, allowing for a clearer and lighter walk down your path.

Bridge Waves

Start out lying flat on your back with the souls of your feet on the earth. Take a moment to arrive and take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. On your next inhale, gently lift your hip points to the sky and wave your hands over your head. Draw your heart toward your chin and keep a soft gaze toward the sky. As you exhale, gently wave your spine down flat on the mat and rest. Repeat 5 times.


Hug your knees in toward your heart and take a moment to shift your weight side to side, breathing into the lower back. On your next exhale, let your knees drop over to the right, bend into the left elbow and find a soft gaze over to the left. (Pause for 10 deep and mindful breaths before switching sides.)

Happy Baby

Lying flat on the earth, bend into your knees and shine the souls of your feet to the sky. Reach your arms on the insides of your legs and take hold of the outer edges of your feet. Try to keep your throat soft and your sacrum rooted. Stay here, perfectly still or gently rock side to side for 10- 15 breaths.

Enjoy the feeling of the earth beneath you, the support and solidity. Rest.

Photo and GIFs by Becca Griffin.

+ Visit next Monday for the second installment of Nina’s series. In the meantime, be sure to follow Nina on Instagram.

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Love the backdrop of her GIFs. Must be great to exercise and stretch up in that environment!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

She’s right self love is important. These poses look very relaxing.